Friedenstr. 91 - 10249 Berlin

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Unique features The New Malthouse is characterised by an exciting combination of historical brick architecture and state-of-the-art equipment. Highlights include the domed halls with their high ceilings, which were originally used to dry the malt. Mobile partitioning walls in the seminar area make it possible to arrange the conference and catering areas according to individual requirements. The New Malthouse is the ideal location for events for up to 150 persons: for seminars or conferences as well as receptions, exhibitions and gala dinners.

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Historical background The New Malthouse, built in 1898/1899, was part of the Bohemian Brewery, formerly the largest brewery in Berlin. During World War II large parts of the brewery were destroyed, and beer production was never resumed. Following extensive restoration work and exclusive refurbishment, the 5th floor of this Berlin industrial monument is now a conference centre.

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Green meetings location Climate Considerate Conferences - Conferences can now be held in a climate friendly way at the New Malt House. A new, climate calculator calculates the specific CO₂ emissions of the event. The resulting emissions can be compensated for through investment in tested, climate protection projects. With this worldwide recognized form of compensation the event receives the status of "climate neutrality". The green event will be rounded off with electricity from renewable energy sources and organic drinks.

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Friedenstr. 91
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