Ballsaal-Studio Berlin

Wriezener Str. 6 - 13359 Berlin-Mitte

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As a photo studio, temporarily under new management, the ballroom made a name for itself in the emerging media capital Berlin. In 2004, Sabine Atzberger-Göbel took over the "ballroom studio" once again. Delighted wedding couples, famous photographers, popular celebrities, and sensual tango dancers have appreciated this fantastic location. The ballroom is en vogue.

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The ballroom is a location with great assets: unique in daylight and brilliantly original. A photogenic ambiance, the greenish-grey walls change between glory and decadence, between classic harmony of the social elite and gentrified urban wickedness.

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The ballroom exudes an atmosphere of monasterial tranquility, inspirational frugality, mediterranean vitality, Venetian morbidity, poetic simplicity, and meditative concentration … The ballroom has got positive karma.

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Ballsaal-Studio Berlin
Wriezener Str. 6
13359 Berlin-Mitte

Telefon 0049 (0)30 4004 9800
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Sabine Atzberger-Göbel