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Not only the suitcase full of music, but especially the eye for the needs of the audience and the right nose for the next track, drawing from the DJs of M&M. You get not just music, but also more: experience, empathy, flexibility, expertise and above all a unique experience.

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Unique is the combination of DJ and live musicians (more DJ): more DJ combines the advantages of a DJ with those of live musicians. Possible is a combination with saxophone player and/or singer. The repertoire ranges from lounge to dinner or reception to the party music.

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Let be convinced by our experience and contact us. So that we can design according to their wishes an individual concept.

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M&M musicandmore
Devrientweg 5a
12207 Berlin

Telefon +49 30 77190027
Email info@mm-musicandmore.de
Internet http://www.mm-musicandmore.de
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