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Lord of Event represents personality and absolute reliability. An own, innovative and above all maintained rental pool of equipment is one of the core pillars of our success. The sound is the key and that is what we can – silent and clear up to expressive and breathtaking. We are specialized in all types of sound systems and also offer interpreting and implementing technology, ring and Ted systems. In addition, with us is the visual perception in the foreground – you want your sound system in white, designoriented technology or inconspicuous technology, then we are the one for you.

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Be different – that’s our philosophy. Next to the rental of event technology and conference equipment, configuration, visualization and illumination are the center of our work. Because no one what’s to stand in the dark, we have more than one spot. In recent years nothing has increased in importance as the lighting design at events. From wall lighting by floor lights, about illuminating the location in colors of the corporate design through a spectacular stage show and large-area illuminations everything is possible. Our lighting designers always have the right light for your event.

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Facts, emotions and brands – not only listen but also to experience. A graphic says more than a thousand words, a spot arouses more feelings than a description can ever reach. We support your event with the necessary visualizing technology. We offer monitors with a diagonal up to 2.70m, projectors up to 30,000 ANSI lumens and LED screens for indoor and outdoor use. By the way, sustainability is not a fashion trend for us, it is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and a very personal concern of our employees and shareholders.

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Lord of Event GmbH - Veranstaltungstechnik
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